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More Recent Photos (last 10-15 years)

Above:  Syracuse grads Dave Bohman, Stacy Lange, Jon Meyer, Jim Hamill, Sarah Buynovsky and Lara Greenberg.

Morning show team:  Joe Snedeker, Ryan Leckey, Mindi Ramsey, Tom Williams, Andy Palumbo

Group Photo at the Radisson at Lackawanna Station in 1999

Below:  pictures from Chris Kelly's party August 5th 2000. See below for attendees (Courtesy Danielle Schlesier)

More Kelly party pics below.



Above: Carl, Paola & Danielle

Danielle Schlesier and Mike Cholko covering storm damage in Susquehanna County  

Danielle Schlesier and her election night headgear!


Here are some photos taken when Pope John Paul visited the U.S. in October of 1995.  These picture were taken in New Jersey when the Pope was at the Meadowlands..  (courtesy Dan Ratchford)


Newswatch 16 anchor/reporter John Kosich's live report for the Pope's Visit inside the Meadowlands.  

Newswatch 16's Lisa Torockio reports live from the Meadowlands.    

Lisa Torockio and Photographer Steve Firmstone report live for the Pope's visit in New Jersey.


The old WNEP-TV Satellite Truck.... also know at "The Planter"..  


WNEP-TV's own Andy Kalie in the tape room in 1991.  (courtesy Andy)


The following photos are from Steve Greenberg's (Dr. Steve) going away party.

Former Action 16's Gerry Gartenberg and Dr. Seve

Nolan, Dr. Steve and Maura. Dr. Steve and Carl.  Valerie Devine and Craig Jahelka


Chief Photographer Paul Kielbasa and the Twin Towers

Our Satellite truck (courtesy Andy Palumbo)

Satellite truck at Pocono Raceway


The "Bush Bees"...   Part of the early crew call for President George W. Bush's visit to our area in January of 2003.  Pictured are: Rick Rinehimer, Mike Cholko, Jan Votapka, Steve Firmstone, Dave Lewandoski, and Bill Schultz. 

Above: Bill Schultz

Dave "Bingo" Bertram , Daffy and Dave Campbell.  (courtesy Dave Campbell)

Chris Kelly, Jim Coles, Dave Campbell and Steve "Lucky" Lloyd. (Courtesy: Dave Campbell)


Above: Dave Jones & Kyle Schmoyer  (courtesy Andy Palumbo)  


 Chris Cimino and family.  Chris is now the meteorologist for the No. 1-rated "Today in New York" on WNBC-TV.


Mark Sowers and Regis Philbin in our backyard.  Regis was in town to play a benefit softball game against Singer Michael Bolton's team.


 Pat McKenna from the Scranton Times and Reporter Bob Costantini at  opening night at Lackawanna County Stadium-- April 26, 1989. first home game ever. (courtesy Andy)


Danielle Schlessier and Andy Palumbo. (courtesy Andy) 

  Rob Stewart gets his first script approved.  Dave Campbell and Linda Skulsky.  (courtesy Dave Campbell)

Mark Kosh and Tom Hovey at the "edit bay" during Little League world series.. (courtesy: Tom Hovey)


Ah.. the new building.. finally! Lots of space.. parking... restrooms, edit booths, views.. and oh yeah... lots more shows! Pictured seated:  Amy Kellog,  Dave Krisanda, Dave Campbell, and Marisa Burke.  Standing: John Kosich, me, Jill Garrett, Fred Lettieri and Bob Absher.

Paul Regan's going away party

WNEP-TV ladies night at Lackawanna County Stadium.

The Suite life...  Ken Pavlick, Frank Chebalo and Thom Curra .

Carl and Linda Skulsky mark the occasion of Linda's last pay "stub".

Linda Skulsky and Derek Finger


Summer of 2004 news and weather interns.  Front:  Shelby, Beth, Christina, Mandi.  Back: Matt and Andrew


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