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Al Kornak and Marisa Burke in Downtown Scranton.  (Courtesy Al Kornak)


The WNEP-TV float for the Scranton Saint Patrick's Day Parade (Joe Zone, Nolan Johannes, Karen Harch, Tom Clark,  Dan Gallagher and Lois Burns "aka Miss Judy") photo is from the early 1980's.  Also featured is the original Skycam Helicopter. Above right: Joe Zone, Nolan and Skycam.  (courtesy Joe Klapatch)

This is a Polaroid of engineer Joe Donnelly setting up the double microwave hop for Little League World Series coverage in the 1980’s.  The location was the Wildwood Cemetery, up on a hill in Williamsport. (Courtesy Len Modzelesky)



Below: 1984 Presidential Candidate Gary Hart visits Scranton and campaigns on a Steamtown USA Train.

Above:  Photog Nick Horsky, Carl on audio, and reporter Dan Fiorucci.  Center: Gary Hart and Dan Fiorucci.  Right: Me, and reporter Dan Fiorucci on the right. Photos were taken by former Times Leader photographer Carolyn Bauman.

Above: Photographer Larry Lavelle and Reporter Dan Fiorucci at a "Fire School" in Wayne County.


WNEP-TV "Insta-bats" & "Buckets" Teams 

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Can you name this WNEP-TV intern from 1980?  It's former WNEP-TV Assignment Editor Michael J. Rudolf.


The morning the lights went out!

Back in the mid-eighties.. the power went out... and then WNEP-TV anchor Craig Stevens Jahelka, the news, production and engineering departments scurried and did the news outside in our parking lot!  Above center: Camera: Dan Ratchford.   Anchor:  Craig Stevens (courtesy Joe Klapatch)


Penn State:

Tim Karlson and sports photog Dave "Bingo" Bertram before the citrus bowl in Orlando, Florida.  Clemson beat Penn State 35 to 10 on January 1st, 1988. (courtesy Joe Klapatch)

Above:  Madeline Fitzgerald. Below:  Center; Terry Cornelius on the assignment desk.. Right: Jamie Moss. These three pictures were taken in the old newsroom which eventually became the PM Magazine office.  (courtesy Joe Klapatch)


Left: J. Kristopher hosting WNEP-TV's Komotion show.  Right:  1981 weather radar ad. 

Uncle Ted (Ted Raub) of "Uncle Ted's ghoul school" fame. 


Back in the old days.. NEP productions was a part of WNEP-TV. NEP Super Shooter trucks were used by just about every network for live broadcasts like NFL football games, MLB Games and many others events (courtesy Joe Klapatch)

Above photo is from 1984.  Nolan Johannes, Dave Krisanda, Tom Clark, Doug Engle, John Duffy, Carl Abraham, Mike Choko, Dave Bertram, Joe Zone, Al Kornak, Dan Fiorucci and Karen Harch.


The following photos are from the WNEP-TV 1987 Christmas Promo Shoot (courtesy Bob Costantini)




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