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WNEP-TV Tribute Page #2




Jack Ruland and Skycam 16 (courtesy Chris Brady)

Jack Ruland Skycam baseball card. (Courtesy Michael DiChiara)


Joe Zone and Stan Sowa on the Original Set of Pennsylvania Outdoor Life from late 1983. (Courtesy Chris Tafuri)



Above:  The original "trailer" newsroom.  That's me on the old assignment desk.  Picture was taken back in 1983 by Mike Stevens. This newsroom was located in the rear of the building at the W-B/Scranton airport.




The good old days of script approval in the second "trailer" newsroom. Pictured: former reporter Bob Costantini waiting his turn to spend some quality time with Bob Absher. 

Costi is shown taking the pre-approval position. Notice the clock on the wall reads 4:20pm.  Don't fret, this was before the 5 and 5:30!  Plenty of time for the 6pm show.



The cover of Broadcasting Magazine from April 30th, 1984,  touting WNEP-TV as America's highest rated newscast. 

Notice the old "computer type" WNEP-TV log... and the Katz logo.  Katz represented WNEP-TV (pre-NYT) as national sales reps.



Engineer Stu Wilson on top of the "Live InstaCam van".  This photo of Stu, along with the two shots..

were featured in the RCA Broadcast News featuring WNEP-TV, December 1978.


1984 TV GUIDE ADS: On the left... election night, and right... PM Magazine. 

 (courtesy: Andy Palumbo)


 WNEP-TV parking lot at the building next to the airport. Photo was taken in 1979.

That big blue car sticking out was Len Modzelesky's, the little red one, Don Jacobs beauty!  

The old "Live Insta-cam" live trucks are near the back entrance. (Courtesy: Andy Palumbo)

What did Mike Stevens do before he discovered foods from all walks of life. 

He spent a lot of time is this On The Road van with photographer Steve Smallwood!  Photo is from 1979.(Courtesy: Andy  Palumbo)



The old weather set in the backyard. Behind the set was the interstate 81 off ramp to the Airport exit.  Photo from 1979. 

(Courtesy: Andy Palumbo)

Left: J. Kristopher and John Foster on one of the old news sets from the 1970's.

Plus  another Joe Zone prediction gone bad.   Here Joe gets buried in the old  backyard.  

This had something to do with the Yankees and Red Sox.  Boston Red Sox fans get revenge live on the air.

  (Both phots courtesy Joe Klapatch)



 Above: J. Kristopher in the backyard at the Airport. Right and below:  Tom Clark in the old Weather Center.  

(above and right: courtesy Joe Klapatch)  (center photo courtesy: Mark Rutkowski)

Nolan, Karen and on one of our older news sets. (courtey Dave Krisanda)  

Nolan, Karen and Joe on the old set... notice the old Hatchly set in the background.

 J. Kristopher (courtesy Joe Klapatch)



Former Assignment Editor Joe Klapatch.  Luckily Joe was taking a photography course in the late 70's..

many of the photos on this website were taken by Joe for his course.  Thank goodness... and thanks Joe!

Above: Sylvia Giamberdella... and Joe Zone (courtesy Joe Klapatch)

The WNEP-TV Newswatch 16 Team circa late 70's.  Sylvia Giamberdella,  Susan Blake, Gary Essex, Joe Zone and J. Kristopher.

WNEP-TV News Staff... probably from the mid to late 1970's.. do you recognize the guy second from left.. (with the bangs) 
Bill O'Reilly before "The Factor" on Fox! 
Also in the photo, J., Elden, Marv, Hank, Ed Martell, Liz Purcell, John Glaw, John Foster, and others.

Newswatch  16 team from the 70's. The Factors Bill O'Reilly is also featured rear center.

Ad from the late 1970's

Below... WNEP-TV PM Magazine hosts. and Photos  (courtesy Joe Klapatch)


PM Magazine tv guide ad from April of 1982. (courtesy Andy Palumbo)


Here are the PM Magazine hosts from the early 80's.. Tom MacNamera and Lynn Lahey


PM Magazine Hosts Jane Adonizio and Chad Booth


PM Magazine Van (courtesy: Todd Bennett)




Al Kornak, Jane Adonizio, Chad Booth and Jon Cadman. 

Courtesy: Al Kornak



Above:  photos from a PM Magazine shoot in Hawley.  (Courtesy Jim Donnelly)


Above:  PM Magazine shoot with Phyllis Diller.    (Courtesy Jim Donnelly)


I found this pix of me (Jim Donnelly) and Bob and Harvey Weinstein that
started Miramax Films. This was for PM Magazine, they did their first
crappy movie in Scranton 1987 Called "Playing for Keeps. "
Marisa Tom was also in the movie. She was only 17, an un-unknown
at the time. I stood in the back of the movie premiere with her...in NYC. (1987)
She wasn't a star for another 5 years after that..
(Courtesy former WNEP-TV employee Jim Donnelly/MadlyMedia.com)


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