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The WNEP-TV Tribute page is dedicated to the memory of my longtime friend and co-worker Larry Lavelle. 



Group Photo on the WNEP-TV helipad from around 1995



WNEP-TV Reunion (click here)


WNEP-TV Music  (Composer Al Ham)

Move Closer To Your World News Theme/Long Version/Piano    Runs 2:10

Move Closer To Your World/With Lyrics   Runs 2:10

Move Closer To Your World/Without Lyrics  Runs 1:09


An old WNEP-TV Production truck....

TV Guide ad from May of 1963.  (Courtesy John S. Flack, Jr.)

The "New" WNEP-TV Building at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport.

Old news car... notice police light on top.

WNEP show set.

Carol Guild Cooking show.  (Courtesy: Shane K. Bernard)


Newswatch 16's Bill O'Reilly:  (courtesy: TheSmokingGun.com)

The year was 1975 and Bill O'Reilly was a broadcast TV rookie itching to move to a larger market from Scranton, Pennsylvania. O'Reilly, then 26, worked as the "Action Consumer" troubleshooter for WNEP, the ABC affiliate, and was seeking to decamp to Atlanta or Miami. He apparently had outgrown the Action 16 news team, which operated from offices at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport. So O'Reilly dashed off a letter to a producer at a Washington, D.C. station seeking career advice and possible job leads. "I've done pretty well here," he wrote, "and am confident I can handle myself." Along with reporting chores, O'Reilly also handled news promotion for the station, noting that "the extra bread comes in handy." In addition to his letter, O'Reilly helpfully included newsclips from a local TV shopper showing that viewers really appreciated his work.  O'Reilly was pictured on the shopper's cover in some fly 70s finery--fur collared-coat, dark shirt/dark tie combo, moptop, and what appears to be muttonchops. The yellowing clip and O'Reilly's letter were provided to TSG by relatives of the Washington producer to whom they were sent.  Click on the link below for more on the story:

The Smoking Gun -- Bill O'Reilly Story >>


Newswatch 16 staff late 1970's


Above: the original Dodge live van 1978  (courtesy: John Owens)

The Ford Bronco "Insta-Cam" 1978  (courtesy: John Owens)

Jacqueline Boulden & Gary Essex (courtesy Jacqueline Boulden)

J. Kristopher outside in the original weather backyard around Christmas 1977.  The weather "kiosk" had three sides and swiveled.   (courtesy: John Owens)

Chief Photographer Arnie Bresser and Anchor/Reporter Liz Pursell in 1976  (courtesy: John Owens)

Above: WNEP-TV employees dressed up for the Miss Judy's Christmas Party.  Up Front:  Demetrius "Butch" Witiak... Then, left to right:  Dennis Bennett, Ann Carozzi, Jim Carr, Kay Waranalis, John Owns and Donna Corradino.    (courtesy: John Owens)

Gary Essex & Liz Purcell on the news set in the late 70's.  (courtesy: John Owens)

Jacqueline Boulden & Nolan Johannes in the 1982 "TV Times" (courtesy Jacqueline Boulden)


Susan Blake and Bernie Jellig at Nay Aug Park making burgers around 1979 or 1980.  (Courtesy Bernie Jellig)


Nick Horsky, Beth Hydovitz and Sue Webber (Courtesy Jacqueline Boulden)

The following photos are from the show "POLKA JOYLAND"  (courtesy  Bobby Zampetti)  


The beginning: the early years!



Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WILK-TV and WARM-TV went on the air in 1953. On January 1st, 1956  WILK-TV, Wilkes-Barre, and WARM-TV, Scranton joined to become what is now know as WNEP-TV.  Over  time, WNEP-TV had several owners.   In the late 1980's... the New York Times Company bought the TV station..    


WARM-TV "Late Show" (Courtesy James Proctor)


The following are pictures from the WARM-TV transmitter construction site and bldg. (All  WARM-TV photos courtesy Marge Parker)






photos; Engineer Jim Orre, A mason doing work on transmiter building, the tower site work at at tower site, M.F. Memalo and Roswell Parker moving wood, and Roswell Parker at his desk!



Above: WNEP-TV'S 1984 Television Market Coverage Area

All those years ago!  Can you say "INSTA-CAM"



 Above:  Two old TV Guide ads for WNEP-TV. J. Kristopoher,  Joe Zone, Gary Essex and Liz Purcell are pictured on left.  (courtesy: Andy Palumbo)


Above:  two TV-Guide ads.. left:  Newswatch 16 with Bob Absher and Jim Vanstin.  right: ad for broadcasting Kings at University of Scranton Basketball game.  Complete with "Slo-mo" "Inst Replay" and "four color camers"!  (courtesy:  Todd Bennett)


Newswatch 16 team: Cheryl Toney, Paul Douglas, Garry Essex and Roger Springfield. (courtesy Joe Klapatch) Right: A 1975 WNEP-TV Newspaper ad.  People pictured are named in the bottom of the photo. .


The crew of the "Buckskin Jim" show from 1958.

The early days of Hatchy Milatchy.. Adam Sawicki and Miss Nancy Berg.

Then actor, later President... Ronald Reagan visits WNEP-TV.


WNEP-TV "One Million Watt" General Electic Transmitter. Photo is from  1958... 

Right; the "One Million Watt" antenna in 1958.



(Left) The Scrantonian TV Preview featured Joe Zone when he returned to WNEP-TV.   The edition is dated August of 1981.   (courtesy: Andy Palumbo)

 Right: J. Kristopher wore many hats during his time at WNEP-TV...  including hosting the "Dialing for Dollars" segment. 


Speaking of the Dialing for Dollars segment.  Pictured right is former host Bobby Gunther Walsh.  (courtesy: Joe Klapatch)



Left: the "Bowling for Dollars" lanes.   Gary Essex on the set.  Note: John Glawe on  monitor.   (Courtesy: Todd Bennett)

Right: Liz Purcell on one of the older Newswatch 16 sets.  (Courtesy: Todd Bennett)





Anchor Gary Essex., and Sportscaster  Tom Varrato.  Tom now works for  the San Francisco Giants MLB.com postgame TV.   (courtesy Joe Klapatch)


Pictured left: Anchor Susan Blake and photographer Rick Krolak. Susan can  be seen on HGTV's decorating adventure "Sensible Chic. "  Rick passed away after his news helicopter he was shooting from collided with another news helicopter in Phoenix in the summer of 2007.  (courtesy Joe Klapatch)

Photo on the right is from Rick's station in Phoenix


Jackie Boulden (above) at an InstaBats softball game.  Bill Flanagan (right) has worked at  KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh since 1982.(courtesy Joe Klapatch)



Newswatch 16 sports guys Joe Zone and Carbondale native Tom Varrato.  Pictures are from the Unico Football game.  Joe played for the West, Tom played for the East.   Yes, they actually played in the High School classic!

(courtesy: Joe Klapatch)


Aboard the Staten Island Ferry in 1984.  Newswatch 16's Dave Krisanda, Dorothy Lucey and Frank Andrews.

Dorothy is now one of the anchors for "Good Day Live"  a morning show on the Los Angeles FOX affiliate.  She was also the co-host, with Pat O'Brien, for "How'd They Do That?" which aired on the CBS network in 1993 and 1994. She also appeared in "Behind Enemy Lines" (2001) and "My Fellow Americans" (1996).  (photo: Dave Krisanda)


Little League World Series Crew from 1984... that's Tom Tidey, Dave Bertram, Len Modzelesky, J. Kristopher, Marisa Burke, Chris Brady... kneeling: Craig "Stevens" Jahelka. (courtesy: Len Modzelesky)


(left) Meteorologist Paul Douglas during a weather segment outside in the old backyard.  Photo was taken from the "weather window" at the airport building. (second from left) longtime WNEP-TV on-air personality Bob Carroll.  (third photo): M.C. Musto.  Above far Right: Dan Gallagher.  Dan is now with Catholic Television for the Scranton Diocese.



Newswatch 16 anchor Susan Blake at an Instabats game. Action 16's Mike Igo at an donkey basketball game. (courtesy Joe Klapatch)


The MDA Telethon probably from about 1981 or so.  How many WNEP-TV personalities can you spot?


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