WNEP-TV's First Reunion

For those who attended, it was a good time with old friends.  If you missed it, plans are already under way for this (possible) yearly event. Thank you to Dave Krisanda,  reprising his role as EP, for the use of his house, lake, and everything else we took over!  And thanks to all who came and made this reunion a great success!  As stated, we're already planning a follow up, so we need a favor...this evite only lists people's email addresses.  We'd like to put together a database of everyone's name and email to help us keep better track.  If you can send those along to suziturc@yahoo.com, it's appreciated. Special thanks to our "committee" who spurred this along and did all the work! 
You are all "still the one."

WNEP Reunion Committee (Sue, Susan & Stacey)


Reunion Photos

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The WNEP-TV Reunion Photo Gallery

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 The WNEP Reunion was held at Moosic Lake on August 13. Among those who attended:

Current and past on air  employees: Mike Lewis, Marisa Burke, Tom Clark, Noreen Clark, Jim Coles, Mark Sowers, Bob Reynolds, Christina Brown, Susan Houseman, John Kosich, Stacey Kosich, Danielle Schlesier, Mark Davis, Valerie Devine, Jacqueline Boulden, Jane Adonizio, Mary Ravasio, Bob Costantini, Keith Taylor, Drew Mitchell,  

Current and past behind the scenes employees:  Dennis Fisher, Carl Abraham, Dave Krisanda,  Courtney Driscoll, Dave and Maura Campbell, Steve and Gail Smallwood, Nick Horsky, Tom Hovey, Paul Kielbasa, Jan Votapka, Mike Trusz, Doug Engle, Rick Rinehimer,  Lee Smith, Chris Kelly, John Pressler, Jack Ruland, Bob Absher, Suzi Ide, Dave Umbriac, Corey Herman, Brian Geiger, Rob Parker, Mark Kosh, Cheryl Bourisk, Paul Minda.


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