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 Newscene 22 and News 22


Our hallway in the basement of Scranton Prep.  The Newsroom  was  off to the left.  The radio stations, musak, and control room were on the right.  Behind  the door at the end of the hallway was that dam punch-in time clock!

Part of the WDAU-TV Control Room (courtesy Johnny Wareham)


Doug Engle in the old film processing room 1981 (courtesy Gerry Alferio) Mary Ellen Keating outside the "Men" 1981 (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Jim Keenan 1981 (courtesy Gerry Alferio)


From Jeff Barnd:  This is my first live shot ever in 1984, interviewing CBS
News legend Charles Kuralt. This picture was taken by the Scranton Times. The Photog's name is the picture is Artie
Benger (what a great guy with a TK-76!).



We're live!  One of our two original microwave live trucks.   I believe this picture was taken in 1980.

 The "high end"  Ford Pinto newscar.  Our beloved "clown" cars.   Do you remember what  used to happen if you hit them hard in the rear end?


WDAU-TV reception area/Christmas 80' (courtesy: Sue Miller Merkel)

 Jack Scannella & Sylvia Kolosinsky (courtesy: Sylvia)
Tom Powell and Sylvia
(courtesy: Sylvia)


Newscene 22: above:  Derry Bird, Debbie Dunleavy, Dan Jamison & Mike Gemei. (courtesy Steve Gianacopoulos)  below: ad in TV Guide from September of 1982 feautres Derry, Debbie and Kent Wuestling. (courtesy: Andy Palumbo)



The Original Charlie's Angels!!

Having some fun during a break at a promo picture photo shoot.  Debbie Dunleavy, Barbara Monaco and June Hagman.

(courtesy Steve Gianacopoulos)


Director Don Yerger, Producers Mike Dodson and  Chris Kropp in the Newsroom. (courtesy: Sue Miller Merkel)

Producer Chris Kropp.

Reporter Steve Homan and Jack Scannella. Steve now works for the department of transportion in Florida... Jack is retired and living in Dunmore.  (courtesy Jack Scannella)


Noon Newscene tv guide ad from April of 1982.  (courtesy Andy Palumbo)

Producer Mike Dodgson.


(L) Photographer Tom McGoldrick (c) Linda Hughes, Lorri Lewis, Chirs Kropp. 


(party photos courtesy: Mike Dodgson)

 Dave Jones and Donnie Perry at a live shot in Downtown Scranton.  I believe it's at the corner of Lackawanna and Adams Avenue. Dave now works with me at WNEP-TV. (photo: Dave Jones)


Picture is from a WNEP-TV costume party!  Sue went as "Madge!!!"  Left to right: that's  Channing Reis, Jody Davis, Sylvia  Gambardella, Mike Igo & Sue Miller! (courtesy Sue Miller Merkel)

Dave Jones & Sue Miller. Dave is sporting the TK-76 look complete with that light and compact recording deck.  Sue was forced to lug around the reporter notepad and that bulky UHF two way radio.  (photo: Sue Miller Merkel)

 Doug Lessells interviews Dick Howser during the early 1980's at Yankee Stadium.  We believe the photographer is Tim Hogaboom.  (photo: Dave Jones)


(L) Joe Butash at one of the telethons.    (R) WDAU-TV Group Photo.   (Courtesy Sue Miller Merkel)

Bernie Jellig (WNEP), Tom Smith (WBRE), and Tom McGoldrick (WDAU) (photo: Bernie Jellig)

Dave Jones, Jim Keenan & Derry Bird at Sue Miller's going away party. (photo: Sue Miller)

Election night: (right) Photographer Dave Jones,Reporter Sue Miller, Reporter Mary Ellen Keating,Photographer Frank  Regan (back)   (Photo: courtesy Bernie Jellig)

City Hall Scranton: (l) Tom McGoldrick (WDAU), Jody Davis (WDAU), Bernie Jellig (WNEP). the others pictured are/were Scranton City Hall workers. (Photo: courtesy Bernie Jellig)

Joe Butash & Dave Jones at the Bishop O'Conner ordination.  (photos courtesy: Dave Jones)  Russ Spencer & Dave Jones.

Former Iran Hostage Michael Metrinko during an interview with Producer Mike Dodgson and Reporter Mary Ellen Keating.   (courtesy: Mike Dodgson)


 l to r:  Dave Jones, Jody Davis, Tom McGoldrick and Jack Scannella at the assignment desk in the back. (courtesy Sue Miller Merkel)

Kent Weustling interviews Larry Holmes after a softball game in Scranton. 


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