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Once upon a time there was a television station located in the basement  of a high school.   We edited stories with some type of technology called "film" that we put in the "soup".  We were centrally located between a Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme donut shop!   Those were the days of WGBI-TV, WDAU-TV 22 and WGBI-AM & FM.  The call letters WDAU-TV are long since gone... but the memories will always live on!  Below are pictures and information about the "Good Ole Days of Television."  Some of our friends pictured below are no longer with us.  They are very much missed.   I hope this webpage brings back fond memories!  

Carl Abraham (1979-1981)


Above... Merry Christmas from the Staff of  WDAU-TV from 1959.  From the WDAU-TV Review   (courtesy Jack Scannella)

WGBI-TV AD in SCRANTON TIMES (Courtesy: Scranton Times)



Front row:  Peggy Schillinger,  Irene Drusbosky, Eleanor Hack,  Carol Jacobs, Next Row:  Larry Franks,  Peggy Mack, Jimmy Mack,  Uncle Ted Raub, Dolores Sobol,  Marilyn Landy,  Hirch Jacobs, Standing:   Walt Rounds,  Ellen Langan,  Bud Turner,  Mary Turner,  Don Schillinger,  Sue Adams, Jim Langan,  Erna Rounds, Jim Coursen,  Barbara Reid,  Dorothy Mugford (the CATV Girl) and  Dorothy's husband. This was probably taken in the late 50's. (courtersy Walter Rounds)


Above: Sportscaster and announcer Jim Kelly.  Jim wore many hats and was a true broadcasting pioneer for WDAU-TV and WGBI Radio.  (Courtesy: Ruth Kelly)


The "New" WDAU-TV from 1957.  This is when  WGBI-TV become WDAU-TV.   (courtesy John Wareham)



This website is dedicated to the memory of  Tom  McGoldrick, who was taken away from us at a young age.  Tom was was one of those people who made working  at WDAU-TV fun.  He had a special sense of humor that made us laugh and smile. He touched the lives of everyone around him and we will never forget him.  (Photo: Bernie Jellig)



WDAU-TV 22, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA


Entering these doors leads you into the old days of WGBI-TV, WDAU-TV AND WGBI-AM & FM... photo on the left is what the entrance to the old station looked  on Ash Street in Scranton.  THIS SIDE HAS BEEN EXPANDED ON.. AND THE OLD DOORWAY IS GONE.. REPLACED BY A NEW WING IN THE FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE. Scranton Prep High School uses the basemant space that was once WDAU-TV.


YouTube - WDAU-TV Looking Good Promo

YouTube - WDAU-TV Batscene 22

YouTube - WDAU-TV Exploding Studio Light



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Read Rich Mates article/Scranton Tribune (featuring Jack Scannella & Jack Chedekel)







The WDAU Ten Year Club (photo from 1964/5) Front Row, Left to Right: Tom Reilly, George Marhevka, Mrs. Frank Megargee, Bob Butts. Rear:  "Butch" Monaghan, Joe Grecco, Bill Whitiak, Joe Loughney, Walt Rounds, Bob McDowell-Station Manager. (courtesy Walter Rounds)



The Early Days of WGBI-TV, WDAU-TV 22


Above:  Don Cuozzo, Jack Scanella, George Marhevka, Larry Kresge and Walter Rounds on top of the WGBI-TV Wagon.  Picture was taken in front of the Everhart Museum at Nay Aug Park.  This photo was taken after the station got its first sound camera.  (Courtesy: Walter Rounds)


Bill Davies hosting a kids show on WGBI-TV, with Jack Chedekel on camera. (courtesy: Marty Gladstone)

Front: Jack Scannella, Marty Gladstone, Don Couzzo,
Back:  Fran Conway, Al Turk
(courtesy: Marty Gladstone)

Members of the WGBI-TV engineering department. From left:  Joe Loughney, Rudy Kamen, Bob Butts, Marty Gladstone,Jack Chedekel, Joe Chicco, Jim Langan, Bud Turner, Carl Reiner, Adolph Oschmann, Ken Beghold, Lee Tanner.
(courtesy: Marty Gladstone)

WGBI-TV Engineering Department: Same bunch, different order. (courtesy: Marty Gladstone)


The following group of photos are courtesy of longtime WDAU-TV 22 employees Jack Scannella and Jack Chedekel from the early days at the television station. 


The WDAU-TV photographers.  George Marhevka, Larry Kresge, Don Cuozzo, Jack Scannella, Joe Loughney and Walt Rounds.



Photo taken in Shamokin by a photographer from the old  Shamokin Citizen newspaper.  Pictured is Jack Chedekel,  an unknown Shamokin area resident, reporter Jim Kelly and Photographer Jack Scannella.



Photo with Miss Shamokin (center).  Left is Jack Scannella, middle is Bob Carroll,  the two guys on the right are Jack Chedekal and Mort Rosenthal.



Jack Chedekel on camera with then Scranton Mayor James Walsh.


CBS Star Red Skelton and longtime WDAU-TV Assignment Manager and Photographer Jack Scannella.  

Photo was taken in 1960.


News Director Tom Powell and Jack Chedekel on camera 2.


Jack Scannella on camera and Don Brislin on audio at the The Knox Mine Disaster hearings. 


Above:  The show "Bar Double Two" with host Tom Reilly on the left.  Running camera is Jack Scannella.

Jack Scannella and his Frezzolini  film camera.  Jack:  a big thank you for all of the great photos!!



Betty Chedekal posing for the WDAU-TV Movie ad.

Jack's wife Betty Chedekel posing at the WDAU-TV Yankee Baseball billboard.


Left: WDAU'ers Eleanor Hack, Barbara Reed and Betty Chedekel.



Announcer Jim Dull with unknown woman. Someone did inform me on the woman, I lost the info.

Announcer Jim Dull posing with his copy.



Tom Reilly and Al Turk having some fun in the studio.  Right: A person I can't remember, Lou Tinney and Blaine (Bud) Turner in studio.


Thanks for all the pictures Walter!  Photo is of Walter Rounds today.

WGBI-TV Engineer Marty Gladstone.  Thanks for all the photos Marty!

Uncle Hoytie!

   This WDAU-TV classic photo is from Hoyt Keiser and is from 1969.



Bell of Pa weather setTV announce booth

Around 1966 I did the Bell of PA weather show during the 7pm news on weekdays.  (Paul Lowry)

Right: Here's a photo taken in the TV announce booth recording tags, breaks, or intros for use later in the day on WDAU-TV. That was a daily part of the job which included doing weather, a stint in radio and after movie TV news. (Paul Lowry)


John Perry

John Perry:  John usually did the 7 pm news in which I often did the weather. We would often have dinner at the Castle Restaurant in Providence Square afterwards. This news set was very basic with a single podium and speckle pattern on a curved flat. In those days, news, weather and sports personalities just changed seats during commercials during the half hour news program. (Paul Lowry)


St Ann Mass for Shut-Ins

MASS FOR SHUT-INS: Sunday morning schedule included playing previously taped network programs in the WGBI radio studio while producing the live St. Ann's Mass for Shut-Ins in the WDAU-TV studio down the hall. This is a rather poor snapshot of the old GE black and white camera before the priest from St. Ann's Monastery and the altar set. Photo is dated Sept 1964. (Paul Lowry)


WDAU-TV AD: The WDAU-TV 22 NEWS TEAM.  This promotion for the station is from 1969.  This comes our way courtesy of a young Hoyt Keiser.

Right: the WDAU-TV Review from 1973 (courtesy: Jack Scannella)



The Days of WGBI-Radio and Newscene 22 on WDAU-TV 22


The view down the hallway in the basement of Scranton Prep (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Longtime WDAUer Jack Scannella at the Assignment Desk  (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Joe Jones  (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Frank Lattanzi, Jim Barheight and Engineer Stan Zawislack (courtesy Gerry Alferio)


The film edit/cutting room!   (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Derry Bird  (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Joe Greco  (courtesy Gerry Alferio)


Larry Franks  (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

WDAU-TV newsroom   (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

Maria Orzel (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

News Director Tom Powell (courtesy Gerry Alferio)

The WDAU-TV Pinto newscar.. exploding gas tank standard! (courtesy Gerry Alferio)


Jim Barheight in the programming film room.  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Bud and Joe in the studio  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Director Jack Chedekel  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Phil Cummings in the basement hallway.  (courtesy Ken Terres)


Dee Nolan in the radio production corner.  (courtesy Ken Terres)

John Chupack and Jack Chedekel.  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Don Brislin.  Note the ole days type TelePrompter on the right - with scotch tape!  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Engineer Joe. (courtesy Ken Terres)

Jim Keenan. (courtesy Ken Terres)

Frank Lattanzi and Jim Keenan. (courtesy Ken Terres)

Debbie Robshaw Donavan. (courtesy Ken Terres)

Receptionist Terri. (courtesy Ken Terres)


1980's WDAU-TV Production dept at  Ken Terres going away party at Jim Dandy's.  (courtesy Ken Terres)


Bishop O'Conner Inauguration (courtesy Ken Terres)

Jack Chedekel directing and Frank Lattanzi on Chyron  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Frank Lattanzi and Jim Keenan...  (courtesy Ken Terres)

Frank and Ken.. and Dee Nolan in back.   (courtesy Ken Terres)

WDAU-TV Mini-Reunion, August 5th, 2006 at Coopers Seafood Restaurant in Scranton

Pictured above:  Paul Deignan Reynolds, Bob Reynolds, Sylvia Kolozinsky, Derry Bird, Jody Davis, Carl Abraham, Steve Gianacopoulos, Dave Jones, Jim Keenan, Sue Miller Merkle, and David DeCosmo.


Big Breaking reunion news:  Derry Bird reveals he is Deep Throat!!!   Actually, it's bigger that that!  Derry admits (for the first time ever know to man) he was responsible for letting in the infamous "BAT" into the NEWS studio!    Of course, the bat decided to create havoc during the Newscast!!    The rest is WDAU-TV lore !

 Way to go Derry!! (more "years later" pictures on PAGE 5 of the WDAU-TV Tribute web site)


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Newscene 22 backround produced by Michael Rudolf.  Contributors:  Gerry Alferio, Jack Scannella, Jack Chedekel, Walter Rounds, Marty Gladstone, Steve Gianacopoulos, Andy Palumbo, Larry Lavelle,  Sylvia Kolosinsky, Sue Miller Merkel,  Bernie Jellig,, Dave DeCosmo, Paul Lowry, Hoyt Keiser, John Wareham, Michael Dodgson, Paula Deignan Reynolds, Phil Yacuboski, Ken Terres and Dave Jones.

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